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What is OACHP?

The Oregon AssocIation of Care Home Providers (OACHP) is a trade association founded with the purpose of advocating on behalf of the adult care home providers in Oregon to the state legislature, Department of Human Services and local agencies. 

Through our members and combined resources we work to be a leading participant in the positive professional growth of care home providers. We work to ensure our members are respected for their valued service to the people, families and communities we serve.

Our goal is to help provide high quality care through meaningful legislation, continuing education and useful partnerships with various stakeholders in the long term sectors.

Our mission is to:

Help promote the adult care home business interests within the legislative environment as well as to improve general public access to the world of adult care homes;

Help partner the adult care home sector with other groups in the long term care industry, such as health care providers, social workers, sector regulators, case managers activity coordinators, placement agencies and others;

Help maintain a high quality level of care through continuing education classes.



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OACHP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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