You could argue that some of the most important changes in the world were achieved through and because of advocacy. Knowing how to do it well can be transformative and is crucial for people who want to shape our world for the better. OACHP encourages and assists adult care home owners and operators getting involved in advocating for yourselves and the long term care industry. 

Find your elected officials in Oregon and Washington, DC

It's important and can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Click the above link to find out who you elected officials are and how to contact them.

Clear and Simple Message

Whether you are making a phone, writing an email or letter, your message needs to resonate with your audience.  The change that you want to see happen needs to be clear and achievable so the audience believes they can make a difference.

Passion and Credibility

It is important to have evidence to demonstrate the difference the change will make in the people and the families of those you care for. Passion without evidence is rarely effective; conversely, evidence alone is insufficient. You need both.

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